Conference 2006

2006 Direct Seeding Conference:
"Managing Risk for the Future"

February 15 & 16, 2006

Regina Exhibition Park

Regina, Saskatchewan

"Pride & Promise: Growing Our Community", Arlene Jorgenson, Saskatoon, SK

"The Politics and Policies of Soil Carbon", John Bennett and Laura Reiter PAg, SSCA

"Current Market Activity & status in the world", Edgar Hammermeister PAg, SSCA, Alameda, SK

"The Science Behind Carbon Sinks", Dr. Brian McConkey, AAFC, Swift Current, SK

"Philosophy of Soil Testing", Dr. Adrian Johnston PAg, PPIC, Saskatoon, SK

"Implications of Cutting Back on the Macronutrients", Stu Brandt, AAFC, Scott, SK

"Micronutrients: When Should We Use Them?", Dr. Rigas Karamanos, PAg, Westco Fertilizers, Calgary, AB

"Managing Fertility & Rotations: A Producer's Perspective", David Murray, Producer, Gainsborough, SK

"Direct Seeding - The Early Years: The Pillars of Direct Seeding", Juanita Polegi PAg, SSCA, Yorkton, SK

"Direct Seeding - The Early Years: Weeds to Expect", Garry Mayerle PAg, SSCA, Tisdale, SK

"How I Direct Seed on My Farm", Allan Oliver, Producer, Aneroid, SK

"Direct Seeding on My Farm", Laurie Regier, Producer, Laird, SK

"Basing Fertilizer Applications on Soil Moisture", Dr. Bing Si, U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"Low Tech Efficiency Improvements", David Larsen PAg, SAF, Moose Jaw, SK

"Guidance Technology", Dr. Ron Palmer, U of R, Regina, SK

"Using GPS on my Farm", John Wright, Producer, Swift Current, SK

"Development of Clearfield Varieties & Marketing", Shannon Chant, U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"Clearfield System Resistant Weeds", Bruce Murray PAg, Manitoba Agriculture, Carmen, MB

"Clearfield Crops in Your Rotation", Eric Johnson PAg, AAFC, Scott, SK

"Producer Perspective on Clearfield Crops", Maurice Berry, Prodcuer, Carievale, SK

"Producer Perspective on Clearfield Crops", Blair Harris, Producer, Yorkton SK

"Clearfield Stewardship: BASF Commitment", Jeff Bertholet PAg, BASF, Saskatoon, SK

"Adaptability of Oilseeds", Bill May, AAFC, Indian Head, SK

"Growing Oilseed Flax for Fibre", Dr. Byron Irvine, AAFC, Brandon, MB

"Managing Diseases of Oilseeds", Dr. Randy Kutcher, AAFC, Melfort, SK

"Harvestability of Oilseeds", Bryan Nybo PAg, Wheatlands Conservation Area, Swift Current, SK

"That Wasn't Suppose to Happen!", Noel McNaughton, Edmonton, AB

Poster Session Abstracts

"Copper Fertilizer Management For Optimum Crop Yield And Quality In The Canadian Great Plains"

"Do Brassica oilseed crops differ in S fertilizer requirements for optimum yield, seed quality and S uptake?"

"Evaluation of a Preliminary Algorithm for Increasing Fertilizer Nitrogen-Use Efficiency in Canola"

"Field Pea Response to Sequential Herbicides"

"Fire and Iron: Tools for crop disease management?"

"Good Value from Certified Hybrid Canola Seed?"

"Influence of formulation of elemental S fertilizer on yield, quality and S uptake of canola seed"

"Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for No-TillL Cereal Production in the Canadian Great Plains"

"Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration in Montana Agricultural Systems"

"The interaction of seed placed and side banded phosphorous with nitrogen and potassium chloride fertilizer on the agronomic performance of durum wheat"

"Variable Rate Nitrogen Applications using Canopy Reflectance and Response Indices"