Conference 2007

Farming Moving Forward
2007 SSCA Annual Conference

February 12 & 13, 2007

Saskatoon Inn

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Attitude & Agriculture", Dr. Christoph Weder, Rycroft, AB

"Frequency of Field Pea in rotation: the Issues & Opportunities", Dr. Guy Lafond PAg, AAFC, Indian Head, SK

"Cold Hardy Wheat", Dr. Brian Fowler PAg, CDC U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"Fertilization and Agronomic Management for Malt Barley Yield and Quality", Dr. Ross McKenzie PAg, Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, Lethbridge, AB

"The Quest for New Herbicide Chemistries", Eric Johnson, AAFC, Scott, SK

"Herbicide Residue & Effect on N Fixation", Ken Sapsford PAg, U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"Symbiotic Root Fungi", Dr. Chantal Hamel, AAFC, Swift Current, SK

"Rejuvenating Alfalfa with Granular Inoculant", Dr. Diane Knight, U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"Soil Biological Amendments: Pros & Cons", Dr. Richard Farrell, U of S, Saskatoon, SK (paper unavailable)

"Forage Fertilization & Rejuvenation with Fertilizer", Dr. Jeff Schoenau PAg, U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"Effect of Manure on Soil Carbon", Tom King, U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"N Derived from Winter Grazing Beef Cows", Dr. Bart Lardner PAg, Western Beef Development Centre, Humboldt, SK

"Combining Grain & Cows", Tim Nerbas PAg, Waseca, SK

"Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions & the Benefit to the Farm", Dr. Marie Boehm, AAFC, Saskatoon, SK (paper unavailable)

"Nitrous Oxide Emissions from the Farm: Can Anything be Done?", Dr. Reynald Lemke, AAFC, Saskatoon, SK

"Mitigating Methane in Pasture Systems", Dr. Alan Iwaasa, AAFC, Swift Current, SK

"Energy & Energy Use Efficiency in Zero Till", Dr. Bob Zentner, AAFC, Swift Current, SK

"The Last Cattle Frontier", Don Surminsky PAg, SAF, Yorkton, SK

"Grazing Agreements", Sandy Russell PAg, SAF, Saskatoon, SK

"From Grain to Grass", Greg Stokke PAg, Watrous, SK

"Biopesticides: New Pest Management products for the Future", Dr. Karen Bailey, AAFC, Saskatoon, SK

"Opportunities & Obstacles for Biofuels", Ken Graham, Saskatoon, SK (paper unavailable)

"Opportunities for Hybrid Poplars", Dr. Ken Van Rees, U of S, Saskatoon, SK

"How Alternative Crop Uses May Enhance my Farm", John Serhienko, Blaine Lake, SK

"Residue Limits & the Impact on Grain Marketing", Denise Maurice PAg, Agricore United, Calgary, AB

"IPM Strategies to Optimize Herbicide Use", Dr. Neil Harker, AAFC, Lacombe, AB

"Pesticide Rates, Water Volumes & Nozzles", Dr. Tom Wolf, AAFC, Saskatoon, SK

"IPM on My Farm", Stacey Moskal, Brooksby, SK

"Conserve Our Water!", Dr. David Schindler, U of Alberta, Edmonton AB (paper unavailable)

"Glyphosate Resistance", Dr. Hugh Beckie PAg, AAFC, Saskatoon, SK

"How to Make $300 Per Acre With Canola at $5 Per Bushel: the Challenge of Integrating Research into Cropping Systems", Dr. Don Flaten PAg, U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

"Be Good to Yourself AND the Bottom Line", Dr. David Posen, M.D., Oakville, ON

Poster Session Abstracts

"Comparing Water Use Efficiency and Precipitation Use Efficiency of Crops in the Semiarid Prairie"

"Sulfentrazone/Isoxaflutole Combinations for Broadleaved Weed Control in Chickpea"

"Small Grains Stubble Burning and Tillage Effects on Soil Organic C and N, and Aggregation in Northeastern Saskatchewan"

"Do Canola Cultivars Differ in S Fertilizer Requirements for Optimum Yield, Seed Quality and S Uptake?"

"Do We Need to Add More S Fertilizer at High N Rates for Optimum Canola Yield, Seed Quality, and Uptake of S and N?"

"Comparative Seed Yield Response of Oilseed, Cereal and Pulse Crops to Sulphate-S Fertilizer on S-Deficient Soils in Northeastern Saskatchewan"

"Fertilizer Management for Seed Production of Perennial Forages in Saskatchewan"

"Comparison of Agronomic Performance of N Placement and Formulation on Wheat, Canola and Flax at Four Sites in Saskatchewan "

"Foxtail Barley (Hordeum jubatum) Control in Wheat and Flax"