Conference 2008

on 29 December 2013
Created: 29 December 2013

Fuelling the Farm
2008 SSCA Annual Conference

IPSCO Place Regina, Saskatchewan

"Straight Talk About Global Agriculture", Dr. David Kohl, Virginia Tech Univeristy, Blacksburg, VA, USA

"Soil Fertility Changes Under Long-Term Direct Seeding", Dr. Jeff Schoenau, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

"Impacts of Direct Seeding on Soil Biology", Dr. Newton Lupwayi, AAFC, Lacombe, AB

"Impacts of Direct Seeding -Weed Dynamics", Dr. Gordon Thomas, AAFC, Saskatoon, SK

"Long Term vs Short Term Conservation Tillage", Dr. Guy Lafond, AAFC, Indian Head, SK

"Developing Camelina Production", Ryan Mercer, Lethbridge, AB

"Prairie Carnation (Saponaria vaccaria) – A Potential New Industrial/Medicinal Crop for the Prairies", Dr. John Balsevich, NRC Saskatoon, SK

"Soybeans in Saskatchewan", Kevin Elmy, Saltcoats, SK

"Selecting Feed Barley Based on NIRS", Dr. James Helm, Alberta Agriculture, Lacombe, AB

"Grazing Alfalfa & Managing Bloat", Dave Kerr, Lashburn, SK

"Considerations When Grazing Native Forages", Dr. Michael Schellenberg, AAFC, Swift Current, SK

"Alternative Cropping Systems Study: An Overview", Stewart Brandt, AAFC, Scott, SK (Paper unavailable)

"Input Level and Crop Diversity Effects on Nitrate-N and Extractable P, Aggregation, and Organic C and N in Soil after Sixth Year in the Second Six-Year Rotation Cycle", Dr. S. Malhi, AAFC, Melfort, SK

"Crop Rotations on my Farm", Colin Rosengren, Midale, SK (paper unavailable)

"Conservation Agriculture is Sustainable", Wendy Holm, Bowen Island, BC (paper unavailable)

"Minimizing the Risk of Growing Wheat", Dr. Tom Jensen, IPNI, Saskatoon, SK

"Forage Potential in Saskatchewan", Glen Barclay, SK Ministry of Agriculture, North Battleford, SK

"How Consumers Think", CJ Katz, Regina, SK

"Developing Multifunctional Farming Systems for Canada", Dr. Martin Entz, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

"Shepherds Grain", Fred Flemming, Shepherds Grain, Spokane, WA, USA

"Upgrading the Sprayer", Brian Storozynsky, Ag Tech Centre, Lethbridge, AB (Paper Unavailable)

"Retrofitting My Equipment with Electronics and The Benefits on My Farm", Keith Stephens, Balcarres, SK

"Leaf Wetness Sensors", Dr. Ron Pitblado, Univeristy of Guelph, Guelph, ON

"Controlled Release of N & P", Ray Dowbenko, Agrium, Calgary, AB

"Hydrogen Fertilization of the Soils: Is This A Benefit of Legumes In Rotation?", Dr. David Layzell, Queens Univeristy, Kingston, ON (Paper Unavailable)

"So You Have a Yield Map?", Ken Greer, Western Ag Innovations, Saskatoon, SK

"Nanotechnology: Potential for Agriculture", Dr. Bernardo Predicala, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

"A Cellulosic Bioproduct Economy", Dr. Danny LeRoy, AAFC, Lethbridge, AB

"China – Impact at the Farm Gate and Opportunities for Pulses", Carl Potts and Greg Cherewyk, Pulse Canada, Winnipeg, MB

"Managing the Change: Prospects, Opportunities and Issues in Saskatchewan's Agricultural Future", Dr. Graham Parsons, Organisation for Western Economic Cooperation, Regina, SK

Poster Session Abstracts

"Agronomic implications of more intensive canola rotations"

"Estimating Canola (Brassica Napus L.) Yield Potential and Nitrogen Requirements Using Optical Sensors"

"Rotation, resistance and fungicides to manage diseases of canola and field pea"

"Input Level and Crop Diversity Effects on Nitrate-N and Extractable P, Aggregation, and Organic C and N in Soil after Sixth Year in the Second Six-Year Rotation Cycle"

"Improving Yield in Alfalfa Seed Stands with Balanced Fertilization"

"Long-Term Effects of annual applications of N and S fertilizers to grassland on forage yield, root mass, and soil pH, organic C and N on a Dark Gray Chernozem in North-central Saskatchewan"

"Influence of Controlled-Release Urea on Crop Yield, N Uptake, Soil Nitrate-N and Nitrous Oxide Gas Emissions in Northeastern Saskatchewan"

"Effectiveness of Seed-soaked Cu, Autumn- Versus Spring-applied Cu, and Cu-coated P Fertilizer on Seed Yield of Wheat on a Cu-deficient Soil"

"Management Strategies and Practices for Preventing Nutrient Deficiencies in Organic Crop Production"

"Influence of Balanced Application of N, P and S Fertilizers on Forage Yield, Quality and Nutrient Uptake of Timothy in Northeastern Saskatchewan"

"Winter Annual Cleavers (Galium aparine) Control"

"Timing of Spring Application for Winter Annual Weed Control"

"Economics of shortening canola rotations"