Issue No. 62 - Spring 2012

What a year! 2012 marks 25 years since the SSCA was formed and next year's conference on January 9, 2013 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Association's first conference. Back on Feb 16 and 17, 1988, 150 producers arrived at the Wills Inn in Saskatoon for a conference entitled " A systems approach to Soil Conservation". 

The first president, Brett Meinert, made a bold statement: "The SSCA will be a voice for Soil Conservation in Saskatchewan". Over the last 25 years the Association has lead the most dramatic change ever seen in agriculture. Gone are the dust clouds, a common sight hovering over the prairie landscape and water erosion has drama tic ally decreased. Instead of mining the been soil for all its nutrients, producers have begun rebuilding the soil's organic matter.

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