SSCA Membership Information

The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA) is a non-profit, producer-based organization dedicated to the promotion of soil conservation in Saskatchewan. The SSCA gives producers strong peer and professional support as they adopt soil conservation practices.

The SSCA provides access to an information network.

  • A soil conservation conference is held annually to discuss new and innovative practices.
  • SSCA members receive a newsletter updating them on the Association's activities as well as providing viewpoints, technical articles, and a calendar of events.
  • The "Farmers Helping Farmers" database puts members in contact with farmers experienced with different soil conservation practices.
  • The SSCA is actively involved with the development of soil conservation extension materials and programs.

You Can Help the SSCA Achieve Its Goals

  • Promote the adoption of soil and related conservation practices in Saskatchewan.
  • Improve the general understanding and awareness within Saskatchewan about the causes of soil degradation and the need to conserve our land resources.
  • Assist and promote a coordinated effort among governments, conservation groups, industry, local communities and producers to conserve the soil, water and wildlife habitat resources.
  • Promote discussions with governments about the need for soil conservation policies and programs to conserve the land resource for the future generations of Saskatchewan.

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