Soil Health and Long-Term Polyculture Cover Crops

This ADOPT-funded project provides both a follow‐up demonstration from a previous ADOPT-funded project on the same site, as well as the opportunity for interested producers to observe the practice of cover crops and results for long term polyculture. The practice of cover crops is gaining interest with producers who are concerned with the health of their soil and are looking for an alternate and valid choice for crop rotation. Crop rotations are recognized as a tool in Integrated Pest Management system as a control to manage insects, diseases and weeds.

This project will focus on test results for changes in soil chemistry and biology, as well as nutrient content, and on demonstrating the cover crop option to local and other interested producers.  A Field Day and Tour was held on August 9, 2018 in Bangor, SK.  Please check back here for more information on the final test results.