Operation Pollinator

Operation Pollinator is a program focused on research and partnerships to promote the health and well-being of bees and other pollinators given their essential role in agriculture and nature. The program’s mandate is to support activities that enhance biodiversity, habitat and other practical initiatives that contribute to healthy pollinator populations. The SSCA joined the Soil Conservation Council of Canada and Syngenta Canada to act as a provincial delivery agent for this initiative in the spring of 2017 and we have met our target of 100 Operation Pollinator sites across the prairies!

All Operation Pollinator cooperators identified 1-2 acres of low productivity agricultural land to seed with a specially formulated seed mix (alsike, red clover, birdsfoot trefoil, yellow clover, sweet clover, phacelia), and have agreed to manage and maintain the site for 3 years.

We are no longer accepting applications for this program, but please check back here for:

- more updates on the results of the biodiversity monitoring that will be starting in the spring of 2018

- a map of the Operation Pollinator sites

- information about tours of established Operation Pollinator sites

Additional Information

For project updates and more information please visit the Soil Conservation Council of Canada.

Why We Joined Operation Pollinator

pdf icon Operation Pollinator: Why Get Involved?
pdf icon What’s in your Operation Pollinator Seed Mix?